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UV Therapy Systems (PUVA)

Dermat Medical Supplies is an international well known distributor and specialist of high end quality systems for dermatology, and hospitals equipment. Besides the distribution of disposables, surgical tools and instruments, (digital) dermatoscopy, disinfection and autoclave systems, medical furniture, lasers etc, the UV and Photodynamic Therapy Systems (PUVA) for treatment of skin diseases like psoriasis en neurodermitis are big role-players in our product range.

For UV Light Therapy and Photodynamic Systems Medisun (Schulze & Böhm) was chosen as our main partner. The high end product range and his technology is revolutionary, and offers full therapy solutions in UV Light Treatment and Photodynamic Therapy:

  • UV Therapy Systems (PUVA) for Home Treatment
  • UV Therapy Systems (PUVA) for profesional treatments, used in hospitals and dermatological practices

Medisun LogoDermat Medical Supplies considered Medisun as a reliable partner, which offers practical solutions for the full PUVA-range.

For more information, please contact us, or call +32 (0)16/40.05.45